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ECG / EKG Solution

System Description:

The MAC 3500 system is ideal for basic, 12­-lead ECG analysis. With our advanced Marquette *12SL* ECG Analysis Programs, the MAC 3500 delivers the technology you need to support reliable, accurate cardiac assessments. GE Healthcare has a trusted reputation for innovation and a track record of performance. The MAC 3500 upholds that legacy—and everything it implies.

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GE MAC 3500 ECG / EKG Benefits

The affordable MAC 3500 Resting ECG System is designed to help you:

  • Increase productivity with its common interface and intuitive operation
  • Improve sensitivity of emergency physicians’ interpretation of acute myocardial infarction by 50% and cardiologists’ interpretations by 26%, with no loss of specificity1 with its Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS) Algorithm. The new ACS algorithm also improved the emergency physician’s acute ischemic syndrome interpretation sensitivity by 53%, while maintaining a specificity of 91%
  • Speed triage and time to treatment for patients at high risk of cardiac events with configurable critical values and onscreen and printed notifications
  • Tap into the power of MUSE* Cardiology Information System for streamlined workflow and higher functionality with our optional communications package with wireless, LAN, or modem selections
  • Reduce patient data entry time and errors with an optional automated process that includes barcode readers
  • Support your facility's patient safety goals and the Joint Commission's reporting requirements through consistent reporting of critical conditions


GE MAC 3500 ECG / EKG Features

  • 12-lead ECG recorder with ECG analysis
  • Flexible and scalable
  • User interface common with MAC 5500
  • Integrated ECG acquisition module
  • Integrated pump for KISS system
  • Pacemaker detection and pacer spike display
  • 12SL ECG Analysis Program
  • CT Data guard option: additional data fields and data safety features for CRO customers
  • Hookup-Advisor for indication of poor waveform quality during ECG recording
  • Communication with data management (MUSE) via modem, LAN or wireless network



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