GE OEC 9800 PLUS C-Arm X-Ray Machine

ge voluson p8 ultrasound machine

The OEC 9800 Plus is the gold standard in mobile fluoroscopy applications and innovative X-ray imaging technology. Built on the leadership and experience of thousands of systems installed world-wide, GE has set the standard in mobile C-arm imaging with the OEC 9800 Plus.


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True 1k2 high resolution imaging technology on a mobile system.
Featuring our proprietary Image I.Q. for uncompromised image quality.
Enhanced mechanical design, ideal for a wide range of applications.
Simple user interface reduces procedure time to improve efficiency.
Superb image quality improves surgical outcomes.
Highest image quality at the lowest possible dose.



The First Mobile C-arm with True 1k2 High Resolution Imaging & Advanced Features This advanced mobile imaging system has broken a barrier traditionally reserved for contemporary fixed-room imaging systems—true 1k2 high resolution imaging resolution throughout the imaging chain produces four times the resolution of previous mobile systems. Advanced acquisition at 30 PPS and playback at 30 FPS at 60 Hz for dynamic imaging needs (25 PPS at 25 FPS at 50 Hz). Specially designed rotating anode reduces overheating during long procedures. High power for dense anatomy penetration and challenging imaging applications. Featuring Our Proprietary Imaging Technology with Point and Shoot Ease-of-Use


Image I.Q. GE’s proprietary Image Intelligence technology provides extraordinary image quality. This exciting imaging innovation features Smart Window and Smart Metal, illustrating GE’s continued commitment to technology leadership.


Smart Window technology dynamically senses the collimator position and automatically adjusts the sampling window size to optimize image quality.
Adjusts brightness.
Levels contrasts.
Dual-leaf tungsten collimator.
Smart Metal is a unique innovation that further enhances image quality. After Smart Metal is initialized, optimized image resolution is maintained even with the introduction of metal objects into the X-ray field.
No manual brightness and contrast adjustments are needed.
Reduces system sensitivity to metal.
During live fluoro, AutoTrak automatically seeks the subject anatomy within the imaging field and automatically selects an optimum imaging technique. In most imaging situations, if the subject anatomy moves within the field of view, AutoTrak will maintain the correct exposure, even if the anatomy moves toward the edge of the imaging field or is improperly collimated.
Detect subject anatomy with dynamic sampling window.
Reduction of dark images and burn-out.
Image stabilization means fewer images and lower dose to physician and
True point-and-shoot technology in most imaging situations.

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