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ge voluson p8 ultrasound machine

The migration of the Agile Acoustic Technology into the LOGIQ S8 S-Agile Architecture combined with the power of E-Series transducers leads to superb image quality in a wide range of clinical applications including abdominal, musculoskeletal, small parts, breast, vascular, cardiology and more.

Applications: Abdominal, OB/GYN, Vascular, Urology, Pediatric, Neonatal, Transcranial, Cardiac, Intraoperative, Small Parts, Stress


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Superb imaging to improve your clinical confidence

Provide excellent care for your patients with the LOGIQ S8. We are committed to providing you with superb imaging and simplified workflow in an ultrasound system scalable to your needs. This enables you to make clinical decisions with greater confi dence and better support your daily clinical needs.


Features taking your imaging to the next level of excellence


Covering a wide range of applications, the Elastography package increases your diagnostic confidence thanks to a comprehensive set of features including E-Index and Q-Analysis tools based on GE exclusive Raw Data processing.

The B-Flow Mode, based on the GE exclusive coded technology, displays true flow hemodynamics without the limitations of Doppler, improving your clinical confidence in vascular assessment. B-Flow* is a blood flow visualization technique that displays the blood flow echoes in gray scale imaging, with different gray intensities according to the reflectors speed and dynamics.

Based on the GE-patented Digitally Encoded Ultrasound technique to digitally suppress unwanted signals (e.g. noise and tissue) and boost weak signals (e.g. blood echoes), B-Flow overcomes the limitations of Doppler with the following imaging advantages:
• Direct hemodynamics visualization
• No vessel wall overlap (no overlay technique)
• Less dependency on the user or scanning angle
• Higher frame rate and spatial resolution than Color Flow


B-Flow Color
While B-Flow passes through the Color Processing channel (with exception of the Color Doppler Process), B-Flow Color can be displayed within a selected ROI with the following additional benefits:
• Easy display of small vessels
• Simultaneous B-Mode and B-Flow Color visualization
• Separate settings from B-Mode
• Less tissue motion artifacts

B-Flow and B-Flow Color features
• Dual or single Display
• ON/OFF tissue background information and B-Flow
• B-Flow or B-Flow Color selection
• Accumulation Mode, adding multiple frames
• Working with PW for flow quantification
• Easy 3D B-Flow imaging


B-Flow may help visualize
• Vessel-wall irregularities
• Stenosis with measurement
• Carotid plaque for vulnerability study (e.g. ulceration)
• Interaction of blood flow with anatomical structures inside the vessel such as venous valve cusps and thrombi
• Grafts for monitoring (e.g dialysis graft pseudoaneurysms)
• Thyroid nodule activity for assessment and monitoring
• Kidney perfusion (e.g. after transplants)
• Vascular disease after transfemoral catheterization (e.g. Aneurysm spurium, AV Fistula, Dissections, Hematomas, etc.)
• Liver and spleen vasculature
• Bladder reflux or jets
• Neonatal head vessels
• Cardiac Septal Defects (e.g. PFO, VSD, ASD, etc.)
• Endocardial walls in difficult to image patients


Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound (CEUS) including Raw Data TIC quantification 

A full suite of settings to achieve superb contrast agent resolution, sensitivity and penetration in a variety of clinical applications.


Simplified workflow to increase your productivity
The LOGIQ S8 provides easy-to-use tools that help busy departments and practices improve workfl ow while securing exam consistency. All of that in a streamlined and innovative design, ensuring exceptional user comfort. With a fully adjustable console and fl at-screen, a very compact design and incredible scanning comfort, the LOGIQ S8 follows the Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers (SDMS) guidelines.


With the LOGIQ S8, moving your ultrasound system around is easier than ever before.
Four active pinless ports and one parking slot improve your fl exibility in moving through a wide range of clinical applications. Probe holders on both sides of the operating panel and light-weight cables keep the needed transducers available at your fingertips. You can easily customize the system settings and commands using the large configurable touchscreen.


GE LOGIQ S8 – Close to you to provide excellent care for your patients


Tools that help you work smarter
Auto IMT and Auto calculations enable streamlined vascular risk assessment studies.
Elastography and 2D PDI/CFM quantifi cation elevate your diagnostic and therapeutic assessment to a new level.
With Auto Optimization you achieve the best LOGIQ S8 imaging settings in one keystroke.
GE exclusive Raw Data, enabling a wide variety of processing after the exam closes, saves your time and improves workflow.
Scan Assistant, the GE fl exible and scalable scanning programs, helps you improve exam consistency, standardization and increase efficiency, reducing keystrokes and exam time.


GE LOGIQ S8 Probes / Transducers

GE 1C5-9-D Micro Convex Probe [3-10 MHz]
GE 6Tc Transesophageal TEE Probe [2-8 MHz]
GE 9L-D Linear Probe [2.4-10 MHz]
GE C1-5-D Convex Probe [2-5 MHz]
GE M5S-D Phased Array Probe [2-8 MHz]
GE ML6-15-D Matrix Linear Probe [4-15 MHz]
GE P2D CWD pencil probe [2 MHz]
GE RIC5-9D trans-vaginal probe [4-9 MHz]
GE S4-10 Sector Probe 3.6-10 MHz]
GE S4-10-D Sector Probe [3-9 MHz]

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