GE LOGIQ S8 XDclear 2.0 Ultrasound Machine

ge voluson p8 ultrasound machine

The LOGIQ S8 XDclear 2.0 ultrasound machine is a multi-purpose system designed to meet your specific clinical challenges for your particular care setting.

Applications: Abdominal, Obstetrics, Gynecology, Breast, Small parts, Vascular/Peripheral, Transcranial, Pediatric, Neonetal, Muskuloskeletal, Urological, Cardiac


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Simply Amazing Ultrasound
Ultrasound plays a key role in helping healthcare providers manage a diverse range of patient across all clinical applications. This multi-purpose system provides superb imaging across a wide range of applications, including abdominal, cardiac, OB/GYN, vascular and musculoskeletal. Plus, its portability and extended battery life make it easy to move from location to location to image patients. The balance of performance and price in a lightweight, portable exam. See and quantify liver disease in a single exam.


High-Definition Widescreen Monitor
Advanced OLED technology in our widescreen monitor provides high contrast and deep blacks, extraordinarily vibrant colors, and excellent image quality.

Enhanced B-Flow Imaging
Enhanced B-Flow Imaging provides enhanced sensitivity to small vessels and slow flow states, and enables side-by-side display of B-Mode and B-Flow images.

The LOGIQ S8 XDclear 2.0 system gives you access to a wide range of sophisticated optional clinical tools.

FibroScan® technology by Echosens
This non-imaging tool is a reference technology for the management of patients with chronic liver diseases. Its dual function capability provides quantitative measurements of both liver stiffness and attenuation rate to support you across a variety of liver etiologies. Together, LOGIQ S8 XDclear 2.0 and FibroScan provide a powerful and comprehensive clinical resource for screening, diagnosis, staging, and monitoring of liver disease.

Contrast Enhanced Imaging (CEUS)
Optimized contrast agent specific waveforms to enhance the clinician’s ability to detect and characterize lesions including advanced quantification tools such as time intensity curve and parametric imaging.

2D Shear Wave Elastography
Provides quantitative measures of tissue elasticity and colorcoded elastograms to assist clinicians in diagnostic and patient management decisions for both deep and superficial applications.

Volume Navigation
Sophisticated tools combine the advantages of volume imaging with an advanced navigation system to enhance localization speed and accuracy. Needle Tracking techniques and 2D/3D GPS markers help improve confidence and efficacy in treatment planning and guidance.

Designed for Usability
10.1” screen touch panel supports infection control with ease of cleaning. Smaller footprint eases navigation and patient access for portable studies.

Automated Measurement and Optimization Tools
Streamline exams with userguided automatic measurements and image optimization tools.

Productivity Packages
Label, measure, and describe anatomy quickly and confidently, plus generate DICOM® SR compatible summaries.

Power Assistant with option for mobile scanning
Scan for up to one hour on battery alone with the new extended battery options.

Scan Assistant
Customizable automation helps reduce keystrokes and exam times. One study demonstrated a 79% reduction in keystrokes and 54% reduction in exam time versus not using Scan Assistant.

Compare Assistant
Easily view a prior ultrasound, mammography, CT or MR image and current images together in real time via a split screen on the monitor.

GE Raw Data
Helps shorten exam times by enabling users to quickly acquire data and then apply a wide variety of image processing after the exam.

My Trainer
Onboard training modules help accelerate operational confidence.


Available with FibroScan® technology to aid in the screening, diagnosis, staging, and monitoring of chronic liver disease.

Enhanced B-Flow Imaging – a GE exclusive – with exquisite sensitivity to small vessels.

Greater portability and a smaller footprint1 and enhanced Power Assistant option to scan via battery alone for up to one hour.

Enhanced shared service capability across clinical areas.

Onboard training module to help shorten the operational learning curve.


For ultrasound imaging in radiology, clinicians need to image a wide variety of patients in a multitude of settings across a wide range of studies. Delivers superb images, from routine cases to the technically challenging. It is designed for a wide range of applications including abdominal, small parts, breast, vascular, OB/GYN, cardiology, pediatrics, musculoskeletal, urology and more. It balances performance with portability.


Clinicians need accurate, fast imaging for guidance of needles and ablation devices, localization of anatomy and pathology, and monitoring of procedures. This portable system provides superb, high resolution images of soft tissue organs, along with innovative navigation and workflow tools to help guide needles.


Clinicians need excellent contrast and detail resolution to get an in-depth understanding of tissue, pathology, blood flow, and inflammation levels. This system provides superb, high-resolution images - from deep penetration in larger structures like hips and shoulders to finely-detailed visualization in smaller parts, like fingers and wrists.


Clinicians need ultrasound technology that will help them image the small structures of young patients with speed and confidence, and be transportable to the NICU. This portable system delivers simply amazing images, from neonates to teenagers.


Whole Body Imaging
Ultrasound plays a key role in helping healthcare providers manage a diverse range of patients. The challenge is to find a single ultrasound system that provides high performance imaging across critical applications. This system provides superb, consistent imaging across a wide range of applications, including cardiac, vascular, and OB/GYN. Plus, its portability and extended battery life make it easy to move from location to location to image patients.

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