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The Vivid E9 XDclear is GE Healthcare’s first cardiovascular ultrasound system built specifically for 4D imaging — from ergonomics and image acquisition to data management and archiving. Vivid E9 XDclear provides the tools to help streamline your workflow, enhance productivity, and provide the data you need for confident diagnoses.


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The Vivid E9 XDclear is GE Healthcare’s first cardiovascular ultrasound system built specifically for 4D imaging — from ergonomics and image acquisition to data management and archiving. Vivid E9 XDclear provides the tools to help streamline your workflow, enhance productivity, and provide the data you need for confident diagnoses. The GE Vivid E9 XDclear also provides exceptional 2D imaging with equal power, precision, and agility.


Raw Data Format: The GE Vivid product line has always acquired and stored its data in a specific raw data format, which enables onboard as well as after the fact post processing capabilities. This flexible and innovative format and storage of pre scan converted data has enabled development of utilities with high clinical value.


This has resulted in an enhanced ability to perform additional advanced algorithms for all of the steps in the data processing chain, culminating in the release of the Vivid E9 with XDclear*.


Extraordinary Image Quality: Crisp imaging. Focused workflow. Clear quantification. Vivid E9* makes short work of your routine 2D exams.


2D Image Quality: Designed with GE’s proprietary XDclear* technology, the M5Sc transducer delivers excellent endocardial definition and texture. Together with controls like UD Clarity and HD imaging, it helps provide crisp valves and borders across a wide range of patients.


Adult Echo Color Doppler: The XDclear transducer technology provides the color sensitivity needed for visualization of pulmonary vein inflow.


Pediatric imaging: Two dedicated pediatric transducers, the 6S-D and 12S-D, cover patients ranging from neonates up to children weighing 16-18 kg. Vivid E9 with XDclear continues to provide the same exceptional 2D imaging power, precision and agility, along with color flow and Doppler. The new imaging presets for these transducers enhance low-level signal display in 2D and M-Mode. They combine high color sensitivity with high frame rates, by leveraging parallel beam forming power. The result is enhanced differentiation of small and fast moving structures and flows. The new setup of the 12S-D transducer combines high spatial and temporal resolution in both 2D and Color, as shown in this Simultaneous Mode image of a complex anatomy.


While Vivid E9* is currently used most frequently in the echo lab, the availability of the 4D TEE transducer enables the system to also be used in clinical settings including the cath lab, and the operating room.


GE's 4D TEE transducer allows clinicians to view precise images of the heart during assessment/diagnosis performed in the echo lab, and to support invasive surgical procedures in the operating room, as well as image-guided procedures in the cath lab. With the 4D TEE transducer, Vivid E9 can now be used as a visual aid when performing procedures like mitral valve repair, transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI), atrial septal defect (ASD) closures and patent foraman ovale (PFO) closures.


The industry’s first configurable 4D TEE transducer

A new tilt and rotate function


Simplified Image Acquisition.


Triplane imaging, 4D views, and high frame rates for both TTE and TEE procedures.


One-button acquisition of mitral valve images.


In biplane mode, the ability to tilt and rotate at the same time, e.g. to accurately image the mitral valve during a MV clip procedure.


A new QuickRotate button helps provide consistency and accuracy by allowing users to rotate an image in 30 degree increments with a single click.


Enhanced zoom capabilities allow for high volume rates in a single- and multibeat in 4D and 4D color zoom mode using FlexiZoom.


The Vivid E9 also includes several features that are new to GE cardiovascular ultrasound, and which are designed to enhance 4D imaging and workflow.


4D Image Quality: The Vivid E9 helps make 4D imaging every bit as easy as 2D imaging. It can bring enhancements to your entire 4D workflow process, thanks to fast, consistent reproducibility


4D Strain Quantification: Supports a new export format for ease of doing offline research.


Depth render map: Copper/Blue for enhanced shadowing, render continuity, render stability and depth perception.


Vivid E9* with XDclear* delivers advanced technology and innovative transducers to image pediatric patients. XDclear technology helps you acquire images on a wide range of pediatric and neonatal patients, quickly and with minimal system adjustments. With XDclear transducers, you can image deep anatomy without sacrificing clarity.


GE’s Vivid E9 with XDclear is a portable system that is currently used most frequently in the echo lab, but with the 4D TEE transducer can also be utilized in clinical settings including the cath lab and the operating room. The GE E9 Ultrasound is used primarily in cardiac, abdominal, peripheral vascular, fetal obstetrics, pediatric, small organ, musculoskeletal, and transesophageal applications.


The GE Vivid E9 with XDclear is 20% smaller and 100 pounds lighter than other GE ultrasound systems, making it remarkably mobile. The Vivid E9 is GE’s first cardiovascular ultrasound machine developed specifically for 4D imaging. It also provides exceptional 2D imaging. It features a 17” HD LCD screen as well as a 10.4” high resolution color LCD touchscreen. The XDclear transducer technology is a breakthrough in providing both exceptional spatial resolution and penetration together. With obesity rates increasing, the XDclear transducer can make a real difference in many exams.


GE’s Vivid E9 with XDclear Transducers:

GE 11L-D Linear Array
GE 12S-D Phased Array
GE 4C-D Convex Array
GE 4V-D Volume Phased Array Probe
GE 6S-D Sector Array
GE 6T TEE Cardiac Sector
GE 6Tc Adult TEE
GE 8C Convex Array
GE 9L-D Linear Array
GE 9T (TEE) 3.0 – 10.0 MHz
GE C1-5-D Abdom/ OB/GYN/ Urology/ Vascular Broad Spectrum Convex (1-6 MHz)
GE C2-9-D Curved Array
GE i13L Intraoperative
GE IC5-9-D Intercavity
GE M5Sc-D XDclear Active Matrix Single Crystal Phased Array
GE ML6-15-D Vascular/ Small Parts/ Neonatal/ Pediactrics Broad Spectrum Linear Matrix Array (4-15 MHz)
GE P2D CWD Non-Imaging
GE P6D CWD Non-Imaging


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