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The powerful GE Voluson E6 is your cornerstone for the future. It’s designed specifically to give you the exceptional vision you need today so you have the flexibility to meet your needs tomorrow. This versatile system delivers expandable capabilities to grow with your practice.


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The Voluson E6 is the entry-level system in the E-Series platform, providing exceptional image quality in a smart system designed to meet your daily needs.

Built on the powerful E-Series platform, the Voluson E6 combines advanced probe technology plus innovative hardware and software architecture. Every component works together – processing multiple data points simultaneously in real-time to deliver exceptional images. The Voluson E6 helps you to see more, at earlier stages. The Voluson E6 is also an ecomagination product, which means it has been recognized for its environmentally responsible design and for being among the most energy efficient ultrasound systems in the industry.


Innovations in probe technology
Dedicated 2D and 3D probes are designed with Voluson advanced technology specifically for OB/GYN, Assisted Reproductive Medicine, breast and radiology applications. Matrix array technology provides nearly 1,000 elements to allow for uniform resolution throughout the field of view. New C1-5-D abdominal 2D probe with Acoustic Amplifier technology delivers a new level of performance. Achieve increased bandwidth, enhanced signal-to-noise ratio, improved axial resolution and penetration – even on your largest patients.


Innovations in architecture design
The Voluson E6 has been built by using some of the most advanced hardware technologies available to GE Healthcare.


Innovations in software technology
The Voluson E6 platform and probes work in harmony to give you outstanding image quality and seamless operation, while the system’s advanced computational capabilities deliver exceptional speed and power.


Next-generation volume ultrasound
Experience new standards in volume imaging, enabling you to visualize anatomical information with higher clarity and analyze views from any plane at any time. Advanced software architecture helps you feel confident in your 3D/4D imaging capabilities with advanced technology. New Advanced Volume Contrast Imaging (VCI) with OmniView improves contrast resolution and visualization of the rendered anatomy with clarity in any image plane, even when viewing irregularly shaped structures.


2D image quality enhancement tools
Speckle Reduction Imaging (SRI) reduces speckle artifact and enhances true tissue architecture for improved visualization and contrast resolution of normal and abnormal anatomy.
CrossXBeamCRI™ for enhanced tissue interfaces and border differentiation with an innovative, real-time spatial compounding acquisition and processing.
HD-Flow™ uses a bi-directional Doppler feature to achieve a more sensitive vascular study and reduce overwriting.


New level of automation
GE Healthcare innovative technologies automate the display of anatomies and help support diagnostic confidence and improve exam efficiency.
Sonography-based Volume Computer Aided Display heart (SonoVCAD™heart) assists in generating standard views of a fetal heart from a four-chamber view and complies with the recommended standard screening exam of the fetal heart and a new aortic arch algorithm.


Sonography-based Automated Volume Count follicle
(SonoAVC™follicle) automatically calculates the number and volume of hypoechoic structures from a 3D ovarian volume.


Sonography-based Volume Computer Aided Display labor
(SonoVCADlabor) allows you to confidently measure fetal head progression, rotation and direction while automatically documenting the labor procedure with objective ultrasound and manual data in one easy report. The Voluson E6 is designed to help you be more productive in virtually every way. Efficiency tools make it easy to achieve outstanding quality assurance, while advanced data management software enables quick access to imaging data. And because the Voluson E6 is a GE ecomagination product, you’ll use less energy with every exam, save money and help protect the environment.


Innovations in quality assurance tools
Innovative to the E-Series is the new Scan Assistant feature. This easy-to-use, customizable tool helps busy departments improve quality assurance, increase exam consistency and increase productivity. Avoid missed exam steps with user-created checklists for different exam types. Reduce annotation and measurement time with customizable sub-menus. Improve quality assurance with comprehensive exam steps and completion tracking. Increase consistency of exam content, from the single-user to entire department staff, with exam parameters that you define. Connect to the information you need Exceptional vision extends beyond the image. It also includes being able to access, organize and analyze information. When you combine Voluson E6 with ViewPoint – the powerful ultrasound data management solution from GE Healthcare – you can have information when and where you need it.


Extraordinary vision for the environment
The Voluson E-Series ultrasound systems are among the most energy efficient in the industry. That means with every image you’ll be using less energy, saving money and contributing to a better environment. It’s part of the GE commitment to invest in innovative solutions to environmental challenges while empowering you with advanced tools for healthcare delivery.


You inspired the design

The Voluson E6 is built around you and designed for your comfort. That’s why the design is small and light – to effortlessly move wherever you need to be. The display is stunning, giving you extraordinary vision with ease. The control panel height adjusts electronically at the touch of a button. The console keys are right where you want them to be. It all adds up to an ergonomically correct position that’s incredibly customized by you.

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