GE Voluson E8 Ultrasound Machine

ge voluson p8 ultrasound machine

The more patients you see, the more you need the GE Voluson E8. The Voluson E8 ultrasound system is designed to keep pace with busy practices that conduct a wide range of Women’s Health exams, from routine scanning to complex assessments.


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Excellent flexibility and clinical efficiency – with access to automation and many advanced features from the Voluson E10, the Voluson E8 gives you the capabilities to:
• Image a comprehensive range of complex women’s health issues
• Enhance workflow efficiency and productivity
• Deliver the high level of imaging excellence your practice demands
• Meet your current needs and expand your services

The imaging excellence of Radiance System Architecture – your diagnostic confidence will be enhanced by the extraordinary image clarity and speed of the Radiance System Architecture:
• Advanced beamformer design – enhancing contrast resolution by moving more functions from hardware to software
• High performance CPU – delivering faster processing speeds and frame rates
• Parallel processing – improving image quality and frame rates delivering easy to acquire images, excellent color Doppler sensitivity and sophisticated 3D/4D technologies



A busy practice does not have time to manipulate settings to obtain image detail. With the innovative system architecture of the Voluson E8, you don’t have to – it’s all right there on the screen. From superb 2D images to our new 3D/4D imaging technologies, you get excellent image quality with minimal effort and time.



Volume ultrasound is an essential problem-solving tool for Women’s Health practices. The Voluson E8 provides access to advanced rendering technologies – HDlive™ Silhouette and HDlive Flow – that bring out extraordinary detail in volumetric assessments. While workflow enhancements like SonoRenderlive help simplify surface rendering.

HDlive – this innovative rendering technology helps provide exceptional anatomical realism with increased depth perception to help enhance clinical confidence. HDlive has brought anatomical realism to the next level with the introduction of two new optional technologies:
– HDlive Silhouette – variable transparency reveals internal structures, helping you make a confident volume assessment of 1st trimester anatomy
– HDlive Flow – presents vascular structures with greater depth perception and anatomical realism

Advanced Volume Contrast Imaging (VCI) with OmniView
• Helps improve contrast resolution and visualization of the rendered anatomy with clarity in any image plane, even when viewing irregularly shaped structures

• Helps enhance efficiency in volume rendering with automated placement of the render line for optimized surface rendering. SonoRenderlive continuously updates render line placement with fetal movement during 4D examinations


With advanced applications and excellent image quality, the Voluson E8 system supports a woman’s health throughout her pregnancy. From the everyday to the complex the system gives you information that can help you detect and diagnose problems early so you can intervene sooner.


The Voluson E8 is your partner in efficiency – containing time-saving features to help you accomplish more each day.
• Easy one-touch button workflow – Commonly-used scanning modes are right at your fingertips on the main screen of the touch panel
• Easy 3D and 4D imaging with automated tools and intuitive workflow
• Now you can adjust brightness with one touch for quick fine-tuning of image



Enhance efficiency with 23'' widescreen LED monitor.

• Customizable layout to match your workflow needs

• Report preview enabling quick view on diagnostic measurements

• Image presentation in Standard or XL format allows you to see tiny details clearly


One touch responsiveness. Simplified workflow. 

• 12.1'' touch panel

• Auto TGC for quick fine-tuning of images

• Efficient menu navigation with swipe technology

• Quick and easy 1-button control panel up/down function allows for excellent ergonomics. 

• Probe port illumination.


Fast, secure data management for efficient communication.
• Integrated Software Digital Video Recorder, including
USB recording

• Fast USB 3.0 connectivity

• Easy DICOM® integration

• Encrypt image and volume data for secure export



Every minute counts so we continue to develop easy-to-use automation
tools that help streamline workflow.

• SonoBiometry – Performs semi-automated biometry measurements
(BPD, HC, AC, FL and HL) to help reduce keystrokes.

• SonoNT (Sonography-based Nuchal Translucency) and SonoIT
(Sonography-based Intracranial Translucency) – Voluson technologies
that help provide semi-automatic, standardized measurements of the
nuchal and intracranial translucencies in the 1st trimester. Both tools can
integrate easily into your workflow. SonoNT helps avoid the inter- and
intra-observer variability that comes with manual measurements,
and helps provide you with the reproducibility you demand.

• SonoVCAD™heart (Sonography-based Volume Computer Aided
Display heart) – By standardizing image orientation of the fetal heart,
SonoVCADheart helps provide recommended views from a single heart
volume or STIC acquisition.

• SonoAVC™ (Sonography-based Automated Volume Count) – Innovative
tool helps provide visualization and measurement of hypoechoic
structures within anatomy such as ovarian follicles, fetal brain
or sonohysterograms.



The Voluson E8 offers a suite of probe technologies – including access to specialized high frequency probes to help bring clarity to even the most complex cases. The new Voluson E8 is not only compatible with many existing Voluson probes, thereby extending your investment, but delivers enhanced image quality and clarity on many probes when used with the advanced system architecture of the Voluson E8.

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